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6 Weeks To Become The Woman You Know You Are Destined To Be

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19 Jan 2022, 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm

About the event

I have created this 6 week programme because it is so important to me to help women step into their power.

I know you may be wondering, "what does that even mean?" Let me explain..

Looking back, I can see now that for a long time throughout my life I was a lost soul. 

  • I was going through the motions of day to day life, complaining about everything and putting the blame on others as an excuse for not taking responsibility for my own life 

  • I was chasing what I thought success looked like with out no real meaning behind why I was doing what I was doing

  •  I had no real connection to myself or others & I was going around in vicious circles, self sabotaging my own happiness.

  • I didnt show myself love and nuturing 

  • I was stressed, anxious and insecure and it reflected in my relationship with others

  • I would constantly tell myself I was going to change only to repeat the same toxic cycles & feel even more guilty for it every time.

  • I was living to please other people, i had no boundaires and i could never say NO.

  • I cared what other people thought of me & I felt like I couldn’t be my true self even though I had no idea who she even was 

All until one day I got sick of my own shit. 

One day I looked in the mirror, and asked myself “what do you want?” “who do you want to be?” I didn’t know the answer at the time, but I knew I wasn’t happy with who I was and that was enough for me to commit to making a serious change. .

I knew that day there was a woman inside of me waiting to come out even though i had no idea who she  was. 

I knew there was a fire in my soul and i made a deciscion to pluck up the courage and step into the unknown.

 My intution was telling me that life wasnt supposed to be this hard. I didnt want to feel sad, anxious of stressed anymore. 

I went on my own healing journey, uncovering layers of myself i never even knew existed. Each layer i pulled back left me with another realisation about who i really am. It took me to hit rock bttom in order to build myself up again. 

I want to ask, do you feel like you are playing tug of war with yourself? Does a part of you want to do something, but another part of you wants something else? Yup i thought so. . Have you realised being in this conflict with yourself is actually getting you nowhere? Wouldnt it be great if we could resolve this internal conflict with yourself and gain some clairty on the decions you want to make for yourself, your loved ones and your future.

I want to ask, how many times do you say "I can't" or "I am" with something negative to follow. Did you know anything with a "I cant, or I am" infront of is a belief you are holding. So how many limiting belliefs are you telling yourself everyday? The language we speak to ourself and others in is the most powerful way to start creating change. 

I have desgined this progamme because I know what it takes to create change, it all start and ends with you.

Helping women is what lights me up. We are all so special and unique. I help women discover their own light and unlock their potential. 

I have been studying the human mind, language and behaviour for quite some time now. My passion is combining my knowledge of NLP with the magic of being a women, connecting to our feminie energy, Mother Earth, The Moon & our intuition. 

Creating stillness in the mind the mind, being in touch with our body, or emotions, our cycles and honouring ourselves as women alls whilst becoming aware of our thoughts, behaviours, limiting beliefs and internal conflicts we have may be pretty uncomfortable at first.... and thats exactly what i want you to feel. UNCOMFORTABLE.

If we do not feel uncomfortable it means nothing is changing.

Uncomfort in the mind creates new neurological pathways in the brain. These pathways are the ticket to change.

These pathways is what is going to help you create new programmes which will lead you to making new decicisons, creating new ways of thinking, gaining self awareness and living that fulfilled life you have been craving for so long.

Being a woman is so powerful & most of us are unaware just how powerful we are!

I want to take you from living in your head &  overthinking  to living from your heart & surrendering to the flow life.

I invite you on this 6 week journey to change, i am your guide, your coach, your sister, your friend. 


* Gain clairty on who you are and what you want for your life 

*  Love, accept and forgive yourself

* Learn the science behind our concious and unconcious mind

* Step into your feminine energy & connect to the first full moon of 2022

* Discover what limiting beliefs are holding you back 

* Create new ways of thinking and start makings decicions to support your dream life

* Accountability on taking action creating new habits to support your future self 

* Make the energetic shift and become the woman you know you are destined to be

EARLY BIRD $777 19th nov - 2nd Dec


pay the remaining $333 before the programme begins.

FULL PRICE $1111 from 3rd Dec

(DEPOSIT $555)

pay the remaining $556 before the programme begins.

1 Hour Live Zoom a Week for 6 Weeks

Workbook & Tasks To Complete Each Week

Group Chats Holding You Accountable 

Choose from below the day and time slot you would prefer and that will remain the same for the 6 weeks.


Mon 17/1/22 -21/2/22

7.45am - 8.45am OR 6.45pm - 7.45pm


Wed 19/1/22-23/2/22

7.45am - 8.45am OR 6.45pm-7.45pm

I am grateful you found your way here and i am so excited to be a part of your magical journey 


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