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SISU Eyelash Academy

Thank you for enquiring about SISU training courses. The course will run over 2 days and you will be working on a 1:1 basis with my-self, Melissa Dwerryhouse, the owner of SISU Eyelash Company and NALA Certified Eyelash Educator. I have 6 years experience in the industry, and I pride myself into bringing only the best quality of work into everything I do.

I want to provide you with knowledge and education for the lash world, and I want to share my own skills, knowledge and experience for all new aspiring eyelash technicians.

My training focuses on caring for healthy lashes and avoiding long term damage.

I am fully committed to each and every student and I would love you for you to all be as successful as what I have become over the years. There will be ongoing support available at all times, we have weekly check ins, and can meet for coffee to discuss how you are getting on in your lash journey,  I really want to be there for you every step of the way, you will never have to feel on your own or confused about what you should be doing.

What to expect on the course

$800 Beginners Classic Lash Training Course

Day 1

Beginner training for classic eyelash extensions

You will be allocated a start time of either

Start Time – 9am OR 2pm

Finish – 12.30pm OR 5.30pm

The first day of the course we will cover all theory including:

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Small test after covering all theory work

  • Product knowledge

  • How to apply a full set of eyelash extensions safely

  • Client consultation

  • Infills and removal of eyelash extensions

  • Up to date industry knowledge

  • Business start-up advice(a lot of academy’s have this added on at extra cost)

After completing the theory we will then practice our first set of lashes on a mannequin head. You will be able to take the doll head home after the first day to then continue your practice at home and let the technique and everything you have learnt that day sink in to your brain.

Day 2

You will be allocated a start time of either

Start time: 9am or 2PM

Finish: 1PM or 6pm

Day 2 we will be practicing on a live model. Please bring your own model preferably someone who has had eyelash extensions before and who has healthy natural lashes. It will help if they are patient and can relax with their eyes closed for a few hours with small breaks in between. We will practice on the model until you are feeling 100% confident about the new skill you have learnt.

 Luxury Classic Lash Starter Kit

  • X5 SISU Eyelash Mixed Tray Lengths

  • 1 Isolation Tweezer

  • 1 Application Tweezer

  • 10 Gel Pads

  • Micropore Tape

  • X1 Jade Stone

  • X1 Sheet of Glue Stickers

  • X1 SISU Lash Cleanser

  • X1 Lash Cleansing Brush

  • X10 Lash Wands

  • Black Magic Glue Adhesive

  • X1 Mini Lash Blower

  • Portable lash case

Becoming a lash artist is a skill that will take you time and patience, I will teach you everything there is to know and will always be a phone call away if you need me. I will be totally honest in telling you it is not something you’re going to be amazing at overnight, the key to becoming great is never giving up, always be determined and  practice, practice, practice!

This is why I will be offering a 10% discount for 3 future lash lessons for my students. I recommend using these when you have been practicing lashes for a couple of months and spread them out over a period of time when you are at different stages with your lash sets, by this point you will know what you feel confident with, and also what you feel you need help and more practice with.

All students will always receive 10% off all classic lash trays from SISU lash supplies.

If you would like to reserve your place on the course, please email me and we can confirm dates! You can then go ahead and pay the balance on my online booking system!

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank You