OUR JOURNEY

Lets take a trip down memory lane...

How did SISU begin?

From the age of 2 Melissa's dream was to be a dancer and travel the world. She committed her whole childhood to the age of 18 to musical theatre and performing arts.

Dancing, singing & performing to a crowd of people is what lit her up inside.

Unfortunately due to a knee injury that is still ongoing Melissa had to make a heart breaking decision to quit dancing.

Melissa was flooded with fear and uncertainty about her future as all she had ever known was dance.

In 2013 she decided to do a lash course, Melissa had always had a natural creative flare for beauty & make up.

Becoming lash artist wasn't a straight upward journey for Melissa, in fact 3 months after completing the course she gave up because she was struggling with improving her skill & bringing new clients through the door.

After a few months of feeling lost and confused about her life she decided to pick her lash tweezers up again and give it another go... thank god she did. 

A couple of months passed and Melissa was offered a part time job as a lash artist in a well known salon in Liverpool, UK.

Melissa snapped up the opportunity as she knew she would gain more experience & learn about working in a client based industry. 

Two incredible years of growth passed by and Melissa's skill & knowledge had excelled. Not only as a lash artist, but as a young business woman.

Melissa was also working from home on her days off from the salon building up her own clientele. 

Melissa was in high demand as a lash artist in the city of Liverpool, she was turning clients away daily and her diary was fully booked for weeks in advance. Something in her knew that it was time to take a leap of faith. Trusting her gut, she gave up her part time job at the salon and put everything into her own business. 

Melissa went on to be one of the busiest and well known lash artist in Liverpool at the time.

In 2018 at age 24, Melissa had that feeling in her gut again and knew it was time to take another leap of faith.  She packed up her life leaving behind her successful business and emigrated to the other side of the world... the famous Bondi Beach.

When Melissa arrived in Australia she had no idea what career path she wanted to go down as she was open to change. However her heart led her back to being a lash artist.

Not knowing anyone or having any clients Melissa got a job in popular lash salon inside the famous Westfield Shopping Centre. Working in this salon made her realise that she could really make something of herself in Australia. 

Melissa was shocked at how low the quality of the work in the salon was yet how expensive the pricing was for the customers.

Melissa lasted 2 weeks in salon before she decided to quit and start her own lash business from scratch.

She was confident in the quality of her work & she prided bringing only the best experience for her clients. She knew that with enough hard work and determination her business could be just as successful as it was in Liverpool... and she achieved just that.

In fact she achieved more than she had ever dreamed of. Within her first year in Bondi Melissa was fully booked with clients, she created her own brand of SISU lashes and she became a NALA lash educator.

During the process of chasing her dreams Melissa experienced many highs and lows. Melissas business was growing quickly and this meant that Melissa also had to grow with it.

It was at this point that she discovered Kinesiology.

Just when she thought she knew it all she realised there was a whole other world waiting to be explored.

Melissa has been doing a lot of inner work on her self for the last 2 years.

She spends time working on herself daily, part of her practice includes mediation, breath work, journaling and gratitude practice.

Melissa believes that being self aware is the key to living a truly happy fulfilling life.

Knowing what she knows, Melissa is so passionate about helping young women in life achieve the life of their dreams. She wants to teach them all the tools she knows that help her in not only her business, but day to day problems, relationships and stressful situations.

Melissa hosts regular events to bring like minded women together, her goal in mind is to create new friendships, create a safe space and share our story.

SISU is a home based business in the heart of Bondi. Melissa can't wait to connect with you wether you are a lash client, a student, attending an event or someone who is just getting drawn to wanting her help on the path of your own journey. 

SISU - Strength. Courage. Determination


Ladies Who Brunch 25/10/20

Melissa organised an event to bring together a room of 40 like minded women. Melissa was aware that a lot of women felt lonely in Sydney and she wanted to do something about it. This was a day filled with laughter, dancing and of course champagne. This community of women is continuing to grow daily.


Lash, Business & Mindset Course

Melissa has helped many women create a new life for themselves. Not only do they become a certified lash artist, but they walk away with a new out look on life. Melissa teaches them that self belief, self awareness and being grateful for what you already have whilst excited about what is to come is key to allowing your new business and your life to flow.